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Please note: The Support Center has a separate login from your DreamHorse Site Account.

If you need assistance, please click Help from any menu.

At DreamHorse, we do our best to provide excellent customer service. We want you to be completely satisfied with our service and successful in using our site. Our goal is to make DreamHorse as easy to use as possible, but we have resources available when additional help is needed.

Committed to Excellence: We are committed to excellence, honesty, fair business practices! We will correct any errors in your order or ad as soon as we find it or as soon as it is called to our attention. We will solve every ticket to the best of our ability. Our company is small but dedicated. Customer service is a top priority. DreamHorse was created in 1998 and is still owned and operated by the original founding family.

Our goal is to answer every help desk ticket within one business day. We can help you much faster if your ticket includes the information that we will need to help you including at least one of the following: Horse ID, Horse Name, or Order Number.

Duplicate Tickets: If you already have a pending ticket, simply REPLY to your acknowledgement email message from our help desk. Please do not submit Duplicate Tickets. We handle the tickets in the order they are received and it helps if the entire discussion is contained on your earliest ticket. Every email you send to our help desk will be acknowledged with an automated acknowledgement. Please be sure you have received this acknowledgement and that it is not in your spam folder.

No Phone Support: With thousands of horses online, we (as a small family business) simply do not have the resources to offer telephone support at this time. Please contact us through our help desk.

Thank you for using We appreciate your business.

Mailing Address:
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