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It'll Shine When It Shines!

Seems like everyone is out looking for the sun
Bringing rain and pain on he who hesitates
It'll shine when it shines
You might think I'm wasting time
But I'm just a good ole boy that's learned to wait

The above photo and logo belong to the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

STILL Walkin Down the ROAD!

Welcome to my OMD Fan Page. I hope you enjoy your visit. The Ozark Mountain Daredevils got started in 1971 in Springfield, Missouri, playing gigs in bars and on porches. The group has sold over two million records. Rolling Stone Magazine describes the band's music as "a mixture of Country, Appalachian, Southern, and Rock & Roll."

If you wanna get to heaven, go see this band live! I love seeing Steve Cash's old leather "tool" belt which holds all his harmonicas. Supe's bass guitar and his silly jokes are almost as old as he is! He used to have an old saddle cinch for a guitar strap, but had a new leather strap for this last show. John Dillon can really get going on his old fiddle too! I love the way they close their eyes when they really get into the music.

Black Sky - LIVE!

We were lucky enough to see the Dares in Colorado almost every year since 1981 and like good homemade wine, they just keep getting better with age! Now it's been a couple of years since they've been to Colorado and I'm about ready to put some serious miles on my pickup if they don't get back here soon!

The band as shown in the above photo from the left includes:

  1. John Dillon, guitar/fiddle/mandolin/vocals
  2. Bill Brown, lead guitar/vocals (deceased)
  3. Steve Cash, harp/vocals
  4. Ron Gremp, drums
  5. Mike (Supe du Jour) Granda, bass/vocals


August 2010 The band has been through some changes, but is still at it in a limited way. They are still performing and doing it well. The picture at the top is the current band in 2010. Sometimes guests play with them to make a 9-piece band.

July 2004 It is with profound regret that we must inform you of the tragic loss of one of the band's current members. On Friday, July 23, 2004 the Ozark Mountain Daredevils' lead guitar player, Bill Brown lost his life in a house fire in Springfield Missouri.

2003: We have some wonderful news! At last, The Daredevils' albums from the 70's are going to be reissued on CD. After many years of pursuing the possibility of getting the older catalog albums put on CD, the band has finally acquired the right to license the albums. They are going to reissue them through their label, New Era Productions / Records, in conjunction with Universal Music Group. The plans are to release an album on CD as often as possible in the future. We invite you to help spread the word about this wonderful news. "The Car Over The Lake Album" was released June, 2002. The "Men From Earth" album CD was released November, 2002.

And finally, after many, many years of fans requesting that it be done, the original "It'll Shine When It Shines" album will be released on CD for the first time ever in the United States. The official release date for it is November 11, 2003. On October 21, 2003 "Lost Cabin Sessions", the new version, will be released.

1997: The band has a new studio CD out! It is simply called Thirteen (13). It was released June 10, 1997. If you are interested in ordering official T-Shirts and the Thirteen CD directly from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, be sure to visit their Official Merchandise Page! The song titles are listed below in the discography.   Some CDs are available.

Supe & the Sandwiches also have new CDs available including "Springfield Chronicles" and "Makin' a Living - Not a Killing". They are available from Missouri Mule Music, P.O. Box 22456, Nashville, TN 37202, or email Supe directly. If you like the fun/raunchy side of the Dares, you'll love the Sandwiches!

About Supe's newest CD: Makin a Living - Not a Killing: Supe du Jour steps into the spotlight with a 13-song exploration of the high energy influence a St. Louis upbringing had on his music, "I like all kinds of music, just as long as it is uptempo, spirited, and light hearted." says Supe, of his wild-eyed approach. "If you want to hear slow songs about heart break and sorrow, go listen to someone else." All 13 songs on this self-produced disc were penned by Supe, and are of a convivial nature that will not disappoint those who have seen his wacky shows and witnessed his antics over the past several decades. "The title of the disc kind of sums up my relationship with the music business. I'm not filthy rich, but my phone's still turned on."

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If you would like to book the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, contact Tim Murphy (ESI) 612-470-9000

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It'll Shine When It Shines - LIVE!

1973: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - The Quilt Album (Available on CD)
Country Girl, Spaceship Orion, If You Wanna Get to Heaven, Chicken Train, Colorado Song, Standing On The Rock, Road To Glory, Black Sky, Within Without, Beauty in the River
1974: It'll Shine When It Shines
You Made It Right, Look Away, Jackie Blue, Kansas You Fooler, It Couldn't Be Better, E.E. Lawson, Walkin' Down The Road, What's Happened Along In My Life, It Probably Always Will, Lowlands, Tidal Wave, It'll Shine When It Shines
1975: The Car Over The Lake Album
Keep On Churnin', If I Only Knew, Leatherwood, Cobblestone Mountain, Mr. Powell, Gypsy Forest, Thin Ice, From Time To Time, Southern Cross, Out On The Sea, Whipporwill
1976: Men From Earth
Fly Away Home, You Know Like I Know, Breakaway (from those chains), The Red Plum, Mountain Range, Watermill, Noah, It's How You Think, Arroyo, Homemade Wine
1977: Don't Look Down
River To The Sun, Crazy Lovin', Giving It All To The Wind, The Fox, Backroads, Snowbound, Following The Way That I Feel, Love Makes The Lover, True Believer, Moon On The Rise, Stinghead
1978: It's Alive
Walkin' Down The Road, Black Sky, You Know Like I Know, River To The Sun, Satisfied Mind, Fly Away Home, Horse Trader, Followin' The Way That I Feel, Chicken Train, Ooh Boys (It's Hot), Homemade Wine, Commercial Success, Jackie Blue, Noah, If You Wanna Get To Heaven, It's All Over Now
1980: Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Take You Tonite, Jump At The Chance, Sailin' Around the World, Lovin' You, Tuff Luck, Oh Darlin', Empty Cup, Rosalie, Runnin' Out, Fool's Gold
1981: Best of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils (Available on CD)
Jackie Blue (single), Following The Way That I Feel, Road To Glory, You Know Like I Know, Leatherwood, Fly Away Home, If You Wanna Get To Heaven, Homemade Wine, You Made It Right, Country Girl, Walkin' Down the Road, Keep On Churnin'
1990: Now Hear This! (tapes sold at concerts & released in Europe)
I'm Still Dreamin', Everywhere She Goes, Hilltop Girl, Over Again, Love is Calling, There Oughta Be A Law, True Love, Gonna Buy Me A Car, Flame of Laredo, The River
1997: Archive Alive (Available on CD)
Absolute Zero, Beauty in the River, Homemade Wine, Chicken Train, Mountain Range, Country Girl, Commercial Success, Noah, Sonora, (I Threw Away) the Chains, Journey to the Sun, Ruedi Valley Boogie
1997: 13 (Available on CD)
Dream-o, Everywhere She Goes, Bad Road, Standing on the Corner of Live and Learn, Over Again, New York, Where Are We, I'm Still Dreamin', If It's True, In the Day, In the Night, Tear in the Rain, Love is Calling, Bar Hoppin'
Vol. 8 Concert Classics
This is what I heard about this one: "It's a live CD circa 1973-74, with the original line-up. Song list: Chicken train, Homemade wine, Beauty in the river, Love makes the lover, Country girl, Noah, Commercial Success, If you wanna get to heaven, Look away, The road master

1978: White Mansions : A tale from the American Civil War 1861-1865, A&M Records, Inc.
Although this is not an Ozark Mountain Daredevils album, John Dillon and Steve Cash, along with Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter appeared on Paul Kennerley's White Mansions album in 1978, which was re-released on CD in 1989. This is a story album much like Emmylou's Sally Rose. (By the way, Steve Cash plays harmonica on Emmylou Harris' box set entitled "Portraits".) The civil war story has the following characters: Jessi Colter as Polly Ann Stafford, Waylon Jennings as The Drifter, John Dillon as Matthew J. Fuller, Steve Cash as Caleb Stone. I especially enjoyed the songs performed by Steve Cash - White Trash and Southern Boys! Listen for Steve's harmonica and Eric Clapton's guitar. Look in the country section under various artists for this CD! (If online, search for White Mansions or Waylon Jennings).
  1. Story To Tell (The Preface): Polly
  2. Dixie, Hold On: The Drifter
  3. Join Around the Flag: Matthew
  4. White Trash: Caleb
  5. The Last Dance & The Kentucky Racehorse: Matthew & Polly
  6. Southern Boys: Caleb
  7. The Union Mare & The Confederate Gray: The Drifter
  8. No One Would Believe A Summer Could Be So Cold: Matthew
  9. The Southland's Bleeding: The Drifter
  10. Bring up The Twelve Pounders: Matthew
  11. They Laid Waste To Our Land: Caleb, Matthew, & The Drifter
  12. Praise The Lord, The King Has Called Me Home: The Slaves
  13. Bad Man: Matthew
  14. Dixie Now You're Done: The Drifter

Well, I'm street-wise, I'm country slick
If I go down in the flood I'm gonna come up quick
And I'm a rough ride in my pickup truck
If I break down I'm gonna yell tuff luck
Tuff Luck, Steve Cash, 1980


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