[Chris LeDoux in Concert, (c) Paul Rentz]
Photo by Paul Rentz of Corvallis, Oregon, 1996 Benton County Fair

Chris LeDoux

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7/25/2007: CHEYENNE - The ties between Cheyenne Frontier Days and popular country musician and former bareback rider Chris LeDoux became even more tightly knotted Tuesday.

Not long after dismounting bareback horse Bear Sign, Beau LeDoux reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a small bag of his father's ashes and poured them on the arena floor.

The plan had been in the works for two years, but the 24-year-old had been injured and unable to compete in the past two CFD rodeos. LeDoux posted an 81-point ride Tuesday to tie for third in the second go-round. He recorded a 70 on Monday.

It was something my family and I thought would be right to do because this was such a special rodeo to him," Beau LeDoux said. "This has always been a special rodeo in my family. My dad rode here and came close to winning here a couple of times. -- Wyoming News

4/2006: I am so saddened by the loss of Chris LeDoux that even a year later, I find it hard to write anything here. I am just a fan and only met him briefly after a couple of his concerts, but I felt like I knew him from listening to his music, going to his concerts, spending so much time on this site reading all of the wonderful stories you all have written here. All the stories that have ever been left about him are such positive, wonderful tributes to a wonderful cowboy gentleman who enriched all of our lives with his example and his music. Thank you all for continuing to enter your stories here about Chris. God Bless Chris's family, friends, and fans. --Janet

3/9/2005: Chris LeDoux has passed away after a battle with cancer -- Yahoo News Stories

"When he blasts onto a stage, it's with the same furious tension as when the chutes used to open for him on a bucking bronc. When he writes songs, he writes and sings about cowboys, rodeos, and wide open spaces. He writes about dusty cowboy hats, worn-out boots, wild horses, lonesome roads, and storm clouds above the timber line. His music is about a world many have only seen in movies and others believe lost to history. He writes about what he knows. He's the real thing, a world champion rodeo rider and a world class entertainer." 1994 American Cowboy Collection

...If they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain morning
or watched those cotton candy clouds go by
then they'd know why I live beneath these western skies

I got peace of mind and elbow room
I love to smell the sage in bloom
Or catch a rainbow on my fishin' line
We've got county fairs and rodeos
There ain't a better place for my kids to grow
Just turn 'em loose in the western summer time...

Chris LeDoux, Western Skies

2000 - Cowboy

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Chris read your stories
Hello folks I just thought that you'd all like to know that Bobby Jensen (Chris's keyboard player) printed out all of your messages and brought them onto the Bus for us all to read. Chris read every one of them and was suprised at your reaction to him. He said that sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in our own little world on the road and that it was nice to know that people really still do enjoy the show. Keep up the postings and those of us into the computer will see to it that Chris gets your messages. Lonesome Bill (Chris's fiddle player)  - Lonesome Bill posted this on Fri Mar 06, 1998

Janet, I continue to bring Chris copies of the stories people post on this site. He and the band love to read it. I gave him the latest at the Grand National Rodeo in S.F. and will bring him the new ones at the NFR in Vegas. Just thought I would let you know. Keep up the good work for Chris, he appreciates it. Rob Fair (email from several years ago)

Chris LeDoux Autograph


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World Champion Bareback Bronc Rider



Gold Buckle Dreams - The Rodeo Life of Chris LeDoux
By David G. Brown
This book is by David Brown as told to him by Chris LeDoux. It starts when Chris was a child learning to ride horses and living in Texas, later moving to Cheyenne as a teenager, and follows his life through attainment of his dream of becoming a World Champion bareback bronc rider. It was written before he became world famous for his musical talent but describes the beginnings of his musical career as well.

Chris describes one special memory of standing in the empty, quiet arena at Cheyenne Frontier Park as a teenager dreaming of being able to ride in the Frontier Days Rodeo. I can just feel the emptiness of the big arena and hear the Wyoming wind whistling through it. When Chris performs in Cheyenne, it is always very special to him. With all that Chris has attained since this book was written, there is definitely a need for a sequel.

If you are a Chris LeDoux fan, this is a "must read!"

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