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Filly and background artwork courtesy of my sister,
Nancy Alcott, Scribbles Illustration,

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Maybe you are asking why I put this page together. Well, I was one of those girls who was absolutely horse crazy. My big decision was deciding which color of horse to BE for our memorized backyard "reining" patterns. c};-)

DOLLYI had a pony named Rusty when I was in grade school and later had a Quarter Horse/Morgan named Sundance.

1997: I am the proud owner of a 4-year-old AQHA filly named Dancin In My Dreams (Dolly). She is about 14.2h and we get along real well. I am teaching her to do reining and she is starting to get it. I am also hoping to try Team Penning this year. I am participating in the AQHA Horseback Riding Program and my kids are involved in 4-H. Here are more pictures of Dolly at halter and doing sliding stops.

Although I've lived most of my life in Colorado, my family came to Oklahoma in the Cherokee strip land run. My parents were raised on farms there and I lived on the Blackledge home place until I was a year old. My granddad raised Quarter horses, cattle, and wheat near Jet, Oklahoma, and I would sometimes get to ride his old saddle horse, Blaze.

PRALL SADDLE PONYMy mom's family also homesteaded up in Glenrock, Wyoming for awhile. I love this picture of my grandma's saddle pony on their Wyoming homestead. She's the one in the middle! Now ain't that a fine looking animal! c};-)

The whole Prall family in Wyoming with covered wagon, horses, and very cute dog! (35K)

12/2007: Looking back, it is hard to believe all the changes I have made in my life in the last ten years but I do still have Dolly and I guess you could say I am still totally horse crazy. Dolly was seriously injured when she was six years old and pregnant with her first foal. She got out of her pen at a boarding stable and ran under a LQ gooseneck horse trailer tearing open her shoulder on the gooseneck hitch. She hit that trailer so hard that she knocked it off its block. It was a horrible injury but she miraculously survived it. It left her with a sweeney'd shoulder meaning that the muscles in her shoulder atrophied soon after the injury. Dolly has now had four beautiful babies and is expecting another one in 2008. We still own all of her foals and love them like family members!

  • 2000: Dreamin Little Lena
  • 2001: Lucky Turbo Lena
  • 2003: Chexy Little Lady
  • 2006: Smileys Sweet Dream
  • 2008: Rusty Tin Star

My web business that I developed in 1998 as a hobby, DreamHorse.com has flourished unbelievably and allowed me to do things I never even dreamed of back in 1997. My husband, Bill, and I ran a cow-calf operation for 5 years on the Bitter Creek Ranch in NW Oklahoma. This ranch is less than 100 miles from where I was born and where my family settled in Oklahoma.

2010 In 2010, we moved to the Circle 66 Ranch near El Reno, Oklahoma and are raising great horses that are bred for reining, cowhorse, and cutting events. My girls are all grown up and are wonderful riders and even do some roping!

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