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The Electronic Frontier

"Cyberspace, in its present condition, has a lot in common with the 19th Century West. It is vast, unmapped, culturally and legally ambiguous, verbally terse ... hard to get around in, and up for grabs. In this silent world, all conversation is typed. To enter it, one forsakes both body and place and becomes a thing of words alone. It is, of course, a perfect breeding ground for both outlaws and new ideas about liberty." Excerpted from John Perry Barlow, Crime and Puzzlement: Desperados of the DataSphere, Whole Earth Review (Sausalito, Calif., Fall 1990), pp. 45-57.


Hello Java

I took a Java class at Red Rocks Community College and then took Advanced Java at Arapahoe Community College. This page was started to help me test my assignments and collect various Java resources. Now I'm working at Sun doing cool Java/Oracle stuff like Servlets so guess doing my homework was a good thing c}:-).

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