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Flatiron Vista Trail, Boulder County, Colorado

Me & my border Collie,

Cody, in Cody, WY Welcome to my home page (created in about 1995) as my own virtual bookmark to all the Western things I have found on the web. My favorite hobbies besides the internet are two-stepping to live country-western music, riding my quarter horse, and going to nearby rodeos like Cheyenne and Greeley (as a fan). I'm a rodeo fan and a two-stepping fool! (This is me and my border collie, Cody.  Next picture is Boogie at 2 months and Cody.)

boogie_cody.jpg (22796 bytes)I was born in northwestern Oklahoma where my great grandparents settled after the Cherokee Strip Land Run. My grandpa Blackledge raised quarter horses, Hereford cattle, and wheat, and my grandpa Stallings was a dairy and wheat farmer. My family moved to Colorado in grade school and we lived in several other states while I was growing up. I moved back to Colorado after I graduated from high school and lived and worked there for over 30 years.

Ten years after I originally wrote this, we are now living on a working cattle ranch less than 100 miles from where I was born!

My favorite vacation is to get up to Wyoming and camp in Yellowstone, and then sneak over to Cody, Wyoming for a night of dancing at Cassie's. Last time, we saw some Grizzly up there. The excitement is in never knowing what you're going to see next and hearing other people's stories of what they have just seen. This picture of my border collie and me was taken in front of the Cody, Wyoming sign on the west side of town near the Cody Night Rodeo arena.

DOLLY I do not compete in either rodeo or dancing, but am working on reining and went in the Green Rookie class at the Summer Slide reining horse show in Denver. This picture is of my horse, Dancin In My Dreams (Dolly). Her most notable ancestor is Doc Bar. I like to call her a tail-draggin' machine. She is the sweetest horse you could ever want - she has lots of try and plenty of heart. More pictures of her.

This website is just a way of sharing my love for the west with others who may be interested. I have (in 1997) a couple other domain names that I'm just getting started with - one is www.dreamhorse.com where I have set up a database system for Horse Classifieds.

Amazingly, ten years later (in 2007), DreamHorse averages around 60,000 horses online at any one time! The way this all came about was beyond my wildest dreams back in 1995 when I first started playing around with this web site.

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