Fox Hastings

Fox Hastings

Fox Hastings was one of the first and only female bulldoggers in rodeo history. Her fastest time was 17 seconds, a record she set in 1924.

Born Eloise Fox, she ran away from her California home at the age of 14 to begin her career riding bucking horses and trick riding. Joining Irwin Brother's Wild West Show she rode on one of the fastest running trick riding horses performing at that time.

After marrying fellow rodeo star Mike Hastings, Eloise Fox dropped her first name, becoming Fox Hastings. She made her bulldogging debut at a 1924 rodeo in Houston, receiving help and encouragement from her husband, himself a highly successful bulldogger.

"To the rodeo crowd she is Fox Hastings, cowgirl extraordinary. To neighbors, she is Mrs. Mike Hastings, a good cook and tidy housekeeper." Cowgirls, Savage p.73, quoting Newpaper Story.

Her career was marked by injuries and spectacular performances, as this account illustrates: "Notable among the special attractions was Fox Hastings who, though she had suffered a broken rib the day before the show opened, bulldogged her steer each of the three days of the rodeo proper. She had a contract to fulfill and she couldn't let the management down..."

Sadly, in 1948, Fox Hastings took her life in a Phoenix, Arizona hotel. But she is still remembered today as one of the pioneer ladies of the rodeo.

Fox Hastings glamour pose

"Pioneer Cowgirl Series" postcard by Sterling Press
"Cowgirls" by Judy Crandall
"Cowgirls" by Candace Savage


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