The Girls Of The Golden West

Good Gals
Dolly and Millie Good

Dorothy Laverne "Dolly" Good and Mildred Fern "Millie" Good (born in 1915 and 1913, respectively) hailed from Mount Carmel, Illinois. Dolly and Millie both sang and played guitar. As The Girls of the Golden West they were one of the most popular acts in early country music. They achieved nationwide fame in the 1930s with appearances on the National Barn Dance, the Boone County Jamboree and the Midwestern Hayride. The girls continued performing heavily through the 40s, with occasional appearances up until 1967 when Dolly died.

Although they did a fair amount of recording for labels such as RCA, Columbia and Conqueror, their recordings are not currently available domestically as far as I know, but if you check your used-record store you might find an old self-titled album that was put out in the 80's by Old Homestead.

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